Each piece is unique. The celebrated tea set, created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1931 gets to the heart of the design inspired by the Bauhaus and makes the enjoyment of tea become a sensual experience.
"Form follows function" – the utility value is the first priority. The design is simple and thus absolutely timeless. The almost organic forms made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass are mouth-blown.
The tealeaf can visibly develop in the teapot. The cup rests harmonically in the hand. For stylish tea enjoyment at highest level.

Copied lots of times, but still unsurpassed. Today, the EIERKOCH created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1933 is available in two sizes, the smallest is just having the size of one egg. In addition the EIERKOCH L and XXL are successful in the range of products: they are derived from the original drafts of the designer of the Bauhaus.
In the same way as any product of JENAER GLAS also the EIERKOCH is not only impressive due to its distinctive shape and robust handling, but also due to its versatile usability. It is excellently suitable for the preparation of eggs in the glass as well as of pies, desserts and Amuse Gueules.